What We Offer

We love to organize new events, refresh existing occasions, & continue to create unique experiences with fresh ideas. We have been the primary organizer for many events for companies which include red carpet concepts and a multitude of private events. Our most notable event has been the chief festival organizer for both the New Year – Tet Festival & Moon Festival held in San Jose (recognized by the San Jose & Milpitas Mayor from 2015, 2016, and 2017).
Furthermore, we are leaders in marketing strategy for business promotion and maintain deep distribution relationships to enhance business visibility within a number of media channels such as Vietnamese TV, Radio, or Newspapers.

Year 2016 to Date

Organized the 2017 New Year – Tet Festival, Moon Festival at Eastridge Mall and set record public attendance this year. Promoting Viet Night event at Pure Lounge, and the first Viet Night Summer Jam Concert at Santa Clara Convention Center.

Year 2016

Organized the New Year – Tet Festival at Grand Century Mall. Due to rising popularity of our festivals, we moved the Moon Festival to Eastridge Mall to accommodate the much larger crowds. This year we were sought out to organize many private events & comedy & drama shows such as Da Co Hoai Lang & Tia Oi Ma Dia of IDECAF from Vietnam. Additionally, UStar partnered with the biggest night club in Bay Area, Pure Lounge, to host the first ever “Viet Night” each month showcasing the most popular musical performers & DJ artists from Vietnam such as Minh Tuyet, Lam Truong, Hong Ngoc, Tuan Hung etc,.

Year 2015

Created and organized our first New Year – Tet Festival and Moon Festival at Grand Century mall (Vietnam Town) in San Jose. This received praise by the San Jose and Milpitas Mayor and city council members. We returned to Vietnam and hosted charity event Nguoi dep va Long Nhan Ai a 6th year at RiverSide Palace.

Year 2014

Hosted Nguoi dep va Long Nhan Ai both in San Jose and Vietnam. We continued to organize more events within the Vietnamese community in San Jose such as charity events, festivals, movie premiers, and beauty pageants.

Year 2013

Organized Nguoi Dep va Long Nhan Ai both in San Jose and Vietnam. Additionally, we hosted many private parties which included the grandest private event of the year for Akimax Realty's 5th yeaer anniversary at the Fairmont Hotel, the only 5 star hotel in San Jose.

Year 2012

After organizing Nguoi Dep va Long Nhan Ai a 3rd time in San Jose, we returned to Vietnam to host the 1st Nguoi Dep va Long Nhan Ai held in Ho Chi Minh City at River Side Palace. This event attracted many top Viet celebrities to join us along with special guest winner for "The Best Model Of The World," Julia Lescova.

Year 2011

Hosted Nguoi Dep va Long Nhan Ai a 2nd time in San Jose.

Year 2010

Discovered and exclusively promoted beauty pageant contestant, Victoria Thuy Vy, who won 2nd princess in Viet Nam at the Miss Viet Nam World held in VinPear Land. Afterwards, we hosted the first charity even to fundraise for children in Viet Nam called, "Nguoi Dep va Long Nhan Ai". This event was held in San Jose and showcased winning beauty pageant winners joining our efforts to help fundraise and send donations to needy children in Vietnam.